Sponsorship And Promotion ?

has anyone heard of renoise being actively promoted by proffesional musicians ?

as in ;

mentions in interviews / live performance / mentions on sleeves of releases etc. . . .

as is the trend with lots of hardware (guitars synths drums etc)

and has also become popular with software in recent years. . .

for example :

native instruments using electronic musicians (richard devine etc) to promote their products. . .

i saw the thread about venitian snares using renoise live (video proof etc) and as he is one of the more popular of the IDM (horrible name) artists. . . i wondered if he had been approached by the renoise team for marketing and involvement in developing ideas. . . . ?

any thoughts on this?

“Native Instruments using” already sounds nasty in my ears, they probably “hire” instead of use.
But it’s an old trick in the book, give away your product for free to a celebrity in the hope they will advertise with it.
They do this on Broadway and Hollywood for quite some decades.
So if you want free stuff, become a celebrity.

But giving products away sort of sounds like materialised prank spamming to me…

The fact that Renoise is being demonstrated in magazines or tv-shows already tells enough about the good mouth-to-mouth advertising.

If it becomes bigger over time it’s not that bad but becoming enormously popular within a very short time would probably have a very stressfull effect on the main programmer:You can’t answer questions and mails from thousands of happy or less happy users.