Sports: Formula 1

I do not know, if anybody of you was watching Formula 1 in Indianapolis, yesterday. I am so angry with Michelin and the FIA because the race was boring. This is the death-sentence for the F1 in the US, I guess…

If I understood it right, Michelin found some problems with their tires in the last minute and then recommended everyone to not use them…? Maybe I’m stupid, but that sounds like a good idea to me. If they told it after the race, then people would have a reason to get angry imho. Or is there something I’ve missed?

AFAIK the FIA had the option to give all drivers the same tires Michelin used in Barcelona. But they refused to do that. I mean, just 6 cars on the track… Too stupid.

Too much politics ruins every sport. The more money the more politics. etc… i sound like my grandpa

Did you know Ralf Schumacher punctured his tyre during a training lap. It was the straightcornered part of the track where the cars go at top speed, and aerodynamix downforce goes to the max on the rear tires. He kissed the brick walls at full speed +/-200Mph (320 KmpH). He ended up in a hospital but luckily was ok again the next day. After investigations on that accident they found it it was because of too much strain on the rear tires.

But in the end it all came down to the michellin tires not being strong enough to last longer than 10 laps. Michellin couldnt guarantee the drivers safety, so basically the teams knew that after 10 laps the driver would crash into the brick wall at a speed of 200Mph because of a tyre puncture.

It;s michellin’s fault for making crappy tires, and FIA fault for sticking to their strict rules.

This probably means no F1 in the US next year i guess.

I would be pretty pissed if i payed big bucks for tickets to see the Grand Prix season opening race and then have to watch 6 cars more or less just doing their rounds as Ferarri did not really had any decent opponents to match against.
To could have handed the points to Schumacher and just not hold the race at all i mean this was pretty rediculous.

Yeah whats with those sports? Indy500, Nascar, American Football and Baseball,

Basketball is semi cool.

But especially American Football… A bunch of bulky guys in thights and helmets(!) with their asses up in the air… whats with those americans… explain plz.

don’t let that bulky guys catch you, or the next ass in the air will be yours… :rolleyes: