Hi everyone! I’m ‘hyperunknown’, and I’ve been on the demoscene since 1992. Been using trackers since Startrekker/Noisetracker on the amiga, and then moved to Fasttracker and FT2, before finally jumping onto Renoise like a kid on christmas a couple of years ago. I just wanted to announce our first track made in Renoise has made it up on Spotify! If you’re a Zelda and/or Chrono Trigger fan, you might find something else also on Spotify, just search for hyperunknown :)
hyperunknown feat. Isthmusgrove & Rebecca Ekman - Cascade

I thought I’d post something about the track inside Renoise, so here’s the track in video:[u]



Let me hear what you think about the work :)
[Curry-Flavored Gnomerolls] to everyone!