Squarepusher - Numbers Lucent

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Oï !

This ep is about to be released and we can hear two tracks of it for free.

The first one on the warp page, and you can download the second one for free (warp site again : www.warprecords.com).

Feelings now : what do you think of these tracks ?

They seem so weird to me, just as when I heared Just A Souvenir for the first time (actually I first thought that Squarepusher was dead ; now i think that this album is a masterpiece).

With this tracks, Squarepusher is back with the amen break (which was completely absent from the later album) and honnestly I could thought they are from Venetian Snares if I didn’t know their real author.

Well, I wonder what several listenings are going to reveal ! (I’ll wait to get the full ep however).

Any other points ?

to save hassle squarepusher_-_illegal_dustbin.mp3

I’ll now try to forget I ever heard these tracks.

99.999% below the quality of “Just A Souvenir”.

I listened to a tiny bit of it, since I’m at work and technically shouldn’t be on the internets…

I’m marking this day on my calendar, when I get home that is, if my assumption is correct. I officially don’t care for something Squarepusher released. :(

totally meh!..


The single “Do You Know Squarepusher?” was much more exciting :)

I’m listening to the full Numbers Lucent right now.

I’m beginning to know it rather well and here I am : this is fucking awesome !!!

The whole ep is very different from the two promo tracks and has nothing to do with Just A Souvenir. It’s not a kistch-garrage-rock-jazz-DnB thing. Definitively electronic, more melancholy…

I have to admit that Hello Everything makes me doubt about the future direction of Tom Jenkinson’s work, but these two releases are beyond the better i could hope.

Let’s pray for a sequel !

(Edit > By the way : i completely forgot Do You Know Squarepusher, it’s not on my computer anymore since I reformat it.

I think that this album is very representative of a part of Tom Jenkinson’s work but for me all his albums make sense in a different way.)

I love Squarepusher’s work and it’s evident if you listen to my own songs (an aspect I’m working on). I hesitate to call myself a “fanboy” because I hate the idea of it (and I’m not sure Tom would appreciate it) but to be honest, I’m pretty close. I’m hooked on Squarepusher and have been since I first heard him years ago.

I’m giving this an honest listen, rather than a quick scan through. So far, Illegal Dustbin isn’t grabbing the spot Squarepusher usually grabs.

Ok, I got my hands on the EP as I was posting this (bah, I’ll buy it. I just needed to hear it) and in the first note of the first track I thought to myself "There you are Mr. Jenkinson. I retract my disappointment.

Ok i just listened to the track on warp. I like the genre, it doesn’t sound bad, but it’s nothing new, I’m looking forward to hear the whole album… I will listen to it at least twice then I’ll see if I consider it as better than his last two or worse.

Star Time1 is one of the most beautiful tracks i’ve heard in a really long while.

The EP is actually pretty decent but the dustbin track is pure shite. I have no idea why he would consider releasing something like that unless it has personal significance. He has earned the right to drop what he likes on us imo, however. I still can’t get over Feed Me Weird Things…