Srx7 drumloops ..don't tell Roland

Some drumloops from the srx7 expansion board .

Disabled the internal eq which has a 2db Boost at 800Hz …you can use renoise eq for that .

Next will be some mutlisampled supernatural drumkits from the INtegra 7

Nice. Drumloops 25 and 26 are nicely crispy

Niece shots!..tnx :guitar:

Well these are the actual drumloops , they are not sequenced in any way .

Just reorded dry …ready to be processed and sliced / diced

Shouldnt U Be BANNED or something; for instantly harassing & insulting random people on the internet?

Maybe u should try 2 work a Bit on ur #Manners my dearest maccaroni freeind. :slight_smile:

No #offence …just a friendly #observation of a reoccurring theme.


Why there isn’t the single drums inside, but some custom loops, made by whom?

Because these are just drumloops found on the srx 7 card ( integrated in the integra ) , it’s up to you to chop em up

I wil probably upload some indiviual SN drumkits , but it requires a lot of work , minimum 4 velocity layers per sample times 4 octaves = 192 samples .for just one kit .

Problay not gonna happen real soon , too bussy right now

Just A Word Of Cheer

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