Sse Question For The Devs

Just read the wiki page on SSE ( ). I’m a noob when it comes to this so I was interested what it means, gather some info.

aparently there also is SSE2 & 3 which pwn SSE:

“SSE2, introduced with the Pentium 4, is a major enhancement to SSE (which some programmers renamed “SSE1”). SSE2 adds new math instructions for double-precision (64-bit) floating point and 8/16/32-bit integer data types, all operating on the same 128-bit XMM vector register-file previously introduced with SSE. SSE2 enables the programmer to perform SIMD math of virtually any type (from 8-bit integer to 64-bit float) entirely with the XMM vector-register file, without the need to touch the (legacy) MMX/FPU registers. Many programmers consider SSE2 to be “everything SSE should have been”, as SSE2 offers an orthogonal set of instructions for dealing with common datatypes. etc”

Does the current renoise also support SSE 2? If not, would there be a significant difference, gain in power compared to just SSE if implemented? Maybe you could make it an option for Pentium 4 owners ??