Ssl X-ism Where Do I Get This?

ive been looking for this,but i cant find anywhere i can dl it??

does anyone here know where to get this plug??

thanx bantai

much appreciated

it also looks like audiophile mumbo jumbo to me,but got them recommended for use when you master your tracks

something about the peaks,havent really figured it out yet though :D

I love this plugin. I use it with commercial mastering all the time. Clients often want mixes super hot and my job is to make that work without compromising fidelity. This is yet another tool to help me do that.

If you’ve ever heard a poorly mastered CD on an old player then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I like X-ISM.

On this new song I am working on, I was surprised to see many intersample peaks. Usually, X-ISM is quiet, but on this specific song, the analog peak led was lit almost constantly.

Foo? (or anyone) - can you please tell me what are the tools available to me to avoid inter sample peaks? I mean, I have read some of the common articles on the subject, but the only recommendation I was able to pull out is to reduce the limiter’s ceiling.

In this last song I am working on, once I have reduced the ceiling to -0.2db, X-ISM was happy.

Is there any other trick? Maybe some response related settings on the limiter?