Simple question…is the new version likely to be more stable than the current one?

Simple answer: Yes.

But this also depends on the amount and quality of the testing that is
done in the alpha/beta stages. The best way you can ensure that
Renoise is stable, is to do as much testing as you have time for when
this is happening. That way your hardware is tested, your way
of working is tested, and the plugins you have are tested.

Got it. :P

For one way i’m for certain gonna test if the ASIO / Directsound switching problem still exists: failure of unlocking ASIO driver (error on ASIO exit) when trying to switch back to Directsound driver.

But, since i experience the same problem in the demo of Reaktor 4, i don’t have high hopes for it :(

I have a Terratec DMXFire24/96 retail…
The only way i can switch back to Directsound is by exiting Renoise, change the mActiveDeviceType to 0 in the config.xml and restart Renoise.

Is there no other way to detach the Asio driver than the known one?
The problem is gone once Renoise is closed so it seems an issue in the closure method. May require some tricky DLL unload routine from the API library (don’t know if Asio driver is issued through API calls).

One other thing i took from the improvement page of 1.5:

Does this also mean that vsti instruments won’t get reloaded extra into memory for each instrument slot you use it? Or does it only save startup and scan-time?
Some Vsti plugins become very memory absorbing currently…



To me this sounds more like a driver problem rather than a renoise problem, but I’m maybe wrong, anyhow, I have absolutly no problems to switch betweeen ASIO and DS so the problem is defintly not there on all setups…

as I said before, I experience the same problem with my Terratec EWX 24/96, which shares the same drivers, so I assume it’s a driver problem.

I’ve tried various situations but none works.

I also have a GSIF mode where i selected all ASIO which doesn;t work. (I can choose on which set speakers i can use ASIO or GSIF :P).
I just bare myself in piece with the fact it’s most likely a driver problem and i have to manually adjust the setting in the config.

I already had contacted Terratec with the question, they suggested me testing Cubase or Reaktor 4 and i supplied the tests from this software but i did not received any response ever since (also not in the form of driver updates).
It’s probably something they don’t consider their problem.