Standard Samplerate And Bitdepth For Rendered Samles

Well is there a way? I use Renoise for sound design and I want to the ‘render selection to sample’ function to allways set the bitdepth to 24 bit instead of 32. As for now I have to use adjust to the desired bitrate before I save the sample.

Once again, is there a way to set a default?

as far as I know, you can’t do this.

cannot verify it right now, but are you sure that Renoise does not save the sample again at 32 bit when you save the song, in which case your effort is useless?

I think that Renoise do save the samples at 32 bit when saving the song, but it doesn’t really matter since I save the xrns just in case I really need to make a change later and if so, I do the adjustment all over again.

If I would not have to think of adjusting the bit depth every time I save a sample I would be more than happy since it often result in problems when I try to open the files in other apps, or use them in games (limited audio engines) etc. Some sort of option for this would be ace.

I’d simply skip the step of exporting each sample separately. Just render your samples as usual, save the XRNS, extract the samples with an archiver from it and do a single batch conversion to your desired format.

Renoise saves the samples in the archive with the bitrate they got created or imported. So if you import a 16 bit sample, it will be saved as a 16 bit sample in the archive.
Rendered selections are 32bit by default because thats the internal bit depth resolution. Also 32bit is more safe when modifying the sample afterwards.

But you are right, it wouldn’t hurt if we make this adjustable.

The sample rate or the rendered selection samples is always the one you are working on btw…

Could do but mostly I’m just working to get one sound and I use Renoise because it is fast as hell to get the volumes and timing perfect when blending multiple sounds.

will samplerate and bitdepht settings affect the sound of an already recorded sound ?

I know if you make a 16 bit into 4 bit there is as big differens, but what happens when you rise rate and bit on a 41.1khz 16bit, I think I hear a differens when I try but shouldent it be the same?

Well you can never make a digital sound “better” by converting the the bit depth or sample rate to higher values.