Standardising Pattern Lengths

I already know how to adjust the length of any one pattern, but I have no idea how to make every pattern that you insert (brand new or existing) to adhere to the specific size that you desire overall.

For example, if you want to “expand” an existing hex40 (dec64) setting to hex80 (dec128) - or even something more daring like 3/4, 5/4, 7/4 timings etc - how can you bring this across the board so that you are not forced to manually adjust every single pattern individually?

Thanks very much. WG.

Just a little workaround:

Make a new song. Now set your desired pattern length.
Clone all patterns in song by using ctrl+shift+alt+F12 (dont press more then 7 or 8 times as it doubles the number of patterns each time). Now delete all patterns (ctrl+del).
Goto Configs - Misc/VST and save as startup song.
Now all your patterns have the same length.

The only ‘downside’ by doing this is that if you clone a new pattern now, it will get a very high pattern number. But you can easily fix this by sorting the patterns (ctrl+F12).

Anyway… another way to preserve the pattern length is just to clone the pattern as you work, and then clean it by ctrl+F3.