Star Trek

is awesome!

went an saw the early show, so many scenes like that of Deadspace.…_star_trek_film ;)

I did not watch Startrek right now but I consider myself being a trekkie. But only on TNG. TOS or VOY sucks.

I’m not a trekkie myself, but liked to see the original serie when I was a child and even now I can see that and the Jean Luc Picard series if it happens.

in my opinion, by looking at the trailer, it was obvious that this was going to disappoint any trekkie because the movie was going to be another action colossal, with which Star Trek has nothing to do. If I was a trekkie, I would never wanted to see something like this and would have never gone to the cinema.

the production is of course not obliged to indefinitely please a cult of people who talk in Klingon and dress like Spock, but then again, trekkies complaining about how the film was unsatisfying should blame themselves for having seen it because it was clearly something not for them.

The local radio station actually played that Onion report… and took it seriously. It’s a sad, sad day when satire passes for actual news.

They say its better than the earlier Trek-movies, which is not much as they all were prettttty crap :)