start a sample in one pattern without ending it


i am new to renoise and say hello to all.

my first attempt is to select a sample (17 minutes long) and start playing it one pattern long without stopping it but it starts always over !?

So yeah, you can either play the pattern, then unfollow, and delete the note, it will keep playing
Other option is make pattern #0 a 1 line pattern, where the sample is triggered
then pattern #1 whatever amounts of lines, but loop on it (either via loop pat button or the slim loop range selectors in the sequence editor)
For both options autoseek has to be off for the sample.

Instrument settings >> Sample >> NNA >> Continue


doesn’t work

does work !

but why i can’t have tracks with different pattern length for polyrythmic melodies ?

you can calculate the polyrythm if it’s not too complex

my personal cheap formula for this: one polyrythmic ‘cycle’ in LPB = (original figure*imposed figure)*LPB

for example 5 over 4 at 4lpb -> (5*4)*4LPB= 80 LPB for 1 cycle

you can expand this and add imposed figures (cycle will be huge though)

maybe no ableton ‘let 20 loops with different lenghts clash each other and enjoy the chaos’

but this way you will understand the polyrythm better! ;)/>

Yes. Well I don’t know. It’s also a completely different question, and there are topics on the forum where this is a kind of feature request (e.g. see the sticky post about ‘clip arranger’ or sth)

I’m not really specialised in this, aka, I have no idea what polyrhythms are good for. Sometimes I have a little fun in a 8LPB beat where I have a synth portamento’ing, or gliding, all the time, except every 5 beats where it does not have 0Gxx. And yes, it can be annoying that officially to really ‘close’ the ‘cycle’ I would need 20 beats, or 5 bars, which is then again a little unnatural for the hiphop beats I make, so I just cut it after 4 bars…

You can use Grid Pie to create polyrythmic melodies by combining tracks from different length patterns.

It’s a hack, but it’s fun?

Maybe someone can reduce the tool to “polyrythmic calculator”?

But my guess is simply that he’s handling just 17 minute samples right now… so, should be easy enough to just set the loop points differently?
(hint: set snap to beats)

Oh, I didn’t catch that. Duh. Never mind.

Try putting a GFF effect command beside the note. It will trigger the first time, but the other times will just keep the note going wherever it’s at.

Or G00, indeed, good tip!!