"Start Loving The Robots" -- A New Album By Me

Releasing this today, with a twist on distribution. It’s for sale through my website and comes packed with two additional albums on a custom robot USB thumbdrive.

You can preview the album here:

I hope you guys like it. Leave some comments here and let me know what you think.

  1. Waking Up With You
  2. Song for an Endless Spring
  3. I’ll Give it All to You
  4. On a Friday Afternoon
  5. Red, Blue, Green
  6. It’s the Fourth of July
  7. The Brightest Skies
  8. I Will Not Ever Make a Sound
  9. Transfer
  10. Who Knows Where We Go From Here?

dep :D :D

Love the artwork and the idea about the custom thumbdrive is an interesting one…

very nice idea… we need funnier/sexier media carriers than cds (=

i like what i’m hearing!