start playing note later

Hi. Total newbie here, read the docs, but haven’t find answer to my question.
Say I’m doing a kick-drum pattern. In a certain place I want for the rhythm to be faster 2x, so I add one kick in between two existing. But it lacks the pause of 1\2 of the note length.
I would love to have a setting, say, hold playing the note for 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, whatever.
How do I achieve that?
I don’t want to affect overall BPM setting, and I don’t want other instruments sound altered.


just realized I’ve posted to competitions not beginners questions
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Hi. Don’t really understand the wording of your question, but judging by the title, you want to make the delay column visible, and then use it.

Every track has 3 special columns, volume, panning and delay column. By default only the volume column is showing, so you need to enable the delay column by pushing the “Dly” button at the bottom of the pattern editor.
Just insert a number between 00-ff and the note will be delayed accordingly. In your case insert 80 and the note will trigger 1/2 into the line.

Thanks, sorry for asking dumb questions :)

Thanks, sorry for asking dumb questions smile.gif

Not asking it is dumb. But i will move the topic to the more proper forum…