Start Renoise In Windowed Mode

How do I get renoise to start in a windowed mode instead of a fullscreen… is there a config file I can edit or something?!

  • open config.xml file with a text editor
  • look for ```
- change to ```  
<property name="mWindowedMode" value="1"></property>  

(change 0 with 1)

this should be a setting which ReNoise sets by itself anyway… it is strange that it didn’t work for you… are the other settings (VST Path, keyJazz status, and so on) being stored correctly? Are they restored correctly when you reopen ReNoise?

if that string is already value=“1”, then there is something wrong with your installation :blink:

PS: hey Condore! are things getting better? Happy to see you’re still making music with ReNoise! :)

actually… yeah…

I need to apologiese for not keeping up in the community…

all my music is hsoted from my personal website…

all albums up to date are located on there… AND

I do have a way to give something back…

I have free hosting, for independent artists… and I also to ‘shoutcasts’ of independent artists… all I need are submissions… go on my site and check it out…

where is the config.xml located? (this question may be moot if I find it… but… answer it anyways for future generations) ;)

err… into ReNoise installation folder maybe? :blink: :ph34r: :)