startup flags // unique instances // headless Renoise?

hey Forum

im on linux. i wonder why there are no startup flags, which cloud be usefull for configuration of multiple instances.
yes i know there is OSC, but its not possible to startup Renoise with a unique configuration/patch/song from a remote machine.
what about headless Renoise, which could be usefull when creating installations and stuff? just a thought :)/>

have a good weekend everyone

Indeed, command-line parameters would be quite useful for selecting between alsa/jack, selecting audio and midi devices, and so on.

I’m not sure, but Renoise needs a configuration.xml file and this can be altered / replaced by shell execution scripts with several profile templates if you make them. The configuration.xml contains the template song in itself.
And if you only need to start one session from remote, i have no doubt there are a plethora of examples around for Linux on google how you can start an application using a shell script instantiated through tcp/ip…

you are absolutently right! the “.xml startup” is what i was looking for. big massive danks

and have a quite amazing one