Starwars Fan Movie…ions_movie.html

This freaks spent a LOT of time in their movie… Did not have the time to download it myself but rumours told me, this thing rulez…

Nice link Dopefish… :)
Well… the whole work rules, I mean… there is a LOT of nearly good 3d gfx and even more bluescreen post-production. Big respect deserved.

When I see this kind of fan-art I always get the same impression.
On one side they are flowing with the SW universe and this gives a thick feeling of solid background… on the other side, for the very same reason, they are putting their work down as if it was an official SW release… and that makes everything look… “fake”. Starting with the “actors” and the way they act.

What I mean is that with the same efforts they have put in doing this move they could maybe have crafted a slightly “better” sci-fi shortmovie by inventing/writing the whole thing from scratch.

The joke is, I never had the time to watch this stuff myself (no DSL available, here)

Started downloadin’ hi-rez version at my job (there is DSL)
So my comments is ondaway as soon…

Hope it’s not totally hopless ! (movie)

It’s not good, but it doesn’t totally suck either.

Poor story, bad acting most of the time, bad lighting, bad sound (the backgound noise sometimes makes it hard to hear what they’re saying), poor chroma keying and LOTS of cheap CGI effects - but I didn’t expect a masterpiece. It’s a low budget amature movie. And I watched to the finish. Many movies with a lot higher budget have failed at that.

I’ve downloaded the DVD-image, will sit down and watch some day soon I guess. Not really big on SW anymore but this one deserves my attention… :)