Steam Renoise User Group

I’ve founded a new Renoise user group at Steam. If someone is interested gaming a bit, feel free to join:


You can get HL2 Deathmatch for free here:

Nvidia card owners:

ATI card owners: http://www.steampowe…om/ati_offer1a/
(if you see a blank site in Firefox at the english language page, turn of Adblock and refresh)

More free Steam games can be found at:

More groups can be found at:

oh, i’m gonna join when i get a better computer, for sure… gonna frag you with ping 300 :D

Play COD4?

Make music god damnit! :D
heck… honestly, I’m kinda Trackmania-fied at the moment. Not related with steamgames though.

What else should we use our graphic cards for? :D

Seriously… future games are going to be SO coool… with physics and all… can’t wait.

Though… you are right… do something productive

Hehe, i don’t have COD4. Still playing UT04, HL2, Rainbow Six Lockdown, Vietcong 2 and next is probably Rainbow Six Vegas. Most of these have a coop mode i’m gaming with some friends.

Started yesterday with it and sometimes this can be really frustrating in really mean tracks but it makes a lot of fun for sure. I’m beatslaughter there too. I did found out about it on Steam. :)

Cool, I joined :D

Nice list of renoise groups at There’s also a renoise users community in if you’d be interested in adding to your list. It already has 22 members:

The only bad thing is that you have to sign up to orkut to view/join this community.

Joined, my username on Steam is CrowPath. Also joined the Youtube group as Earthen Records and added my two videos.


It’s the same with Facebook. Added it to the list, thanks! That little pages is linked from the IRC chan, so people can quickly find Renoise stuff spread in the net.

I think you’ve got an invitation. :)

THIS stuff would be an good option. ;)

Hehe, sure, I love demos aswell.

But I hope graphic cards can be used to boost vsti’s… Nvidias CUDA toolkit sounds like it’s going to be, or already is possible. Definately going to be interesting to see what software devlopers can do with it, it might even make cards like UAD redundant…

Accepted already, i’m mostly into HL2 Deathmatch atm though.

vietcong is my fav game ever of online stuff!!! i’m shit though…

Haven’t had the chance to read about CUDA properly yet. But it indeed seems to be an interesting sdk.

Oh bai teh wai! Anyone into Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory?

Don’t forget the sound design and music of the future games! :)

Only playing coop in VC2, so this wouldn’t matter.

Not anymore, wasn’t really good at it.

Btw, you can get HL2 Deathmatch for free:

Nvidia card owners:

ATI card owners:

Already had some nice matches with Jarski and ptrance. To bad connection from AU was so bad, sorry patto.

I’ve made a pretty crazy stunt track in Trackmania that I’ll share when I get back home…:slight_smile:

I used to be pretty good at HL2DM, not played it in over a year though. Might try and get back into it. There’s a Scrimmage Group you can join if you’re interested in scheduled matches:

I do already have problems with the standard ones. :blink:

I’d say i’'m average at the moment. I’ve won a few matches, if enough people are on the server, but if playing against one good player, i’d only loose. Made a few good contacts to some clan gamers, who did show me a few tricks. Now it’s only a matter of practicing. At least for not playing even a week HL2 DM winning some games motivates. :)

I’m mostly on this server here:

Would love to game against you! :)