Steam To Start Selling Non-Gaming Software

Could be something for the Renoise team to consider? I know I’d buy a second copy just for the ease of having it available and updated across multiple devices. The extra distribution and publicity from Steam has certainly benefited indie games. You also have complete control over when and how much you create discounts on the product to generate extra sales and interest.

Has potential. Non-retail software market is so all over the place (except games) that this might actually lead to something.

Not something I’d probably use much, since resale value is important to me and pricing of games is very different to other software. Games are released, price goes down month by month and eventually it gets sequel or not. Many other forms of software are developed for years and years after the release, get updated and evolve, which leads to price not dropping by time.

Also my understanding is that you don’t have total control over sale discounts, but they are negotiated with Valve and eventually their decision based on quality of product, past sale history/money income or how nice some guy at Valve considers your company, position of moon, etc. (And cannot be “bought”). Might be only case if you want to be one of the front page featured discount sales tho.

It also requires you to have a connection to steam, though there is “offline mode” there are a few things that does not make Renoise fit for steam:
-You can’t offer honest full version updates if users start at versions beyond a round edition of Renoise (aka there would be a special update engine required to check if someone is allowed to download an update or not).
-You can’t exactly terminate a user account if his/her Renoise version gets leaked.
-Renoise can no longer be distributed with personal data. (Like the name in the flash)

I think you’re assuming an awful lot? I know for a fact that some programs distributed through steam do not have the Steam DRM enabled, and thus can be run without Steam open at all.
As for the personal data, I’m almost positive that steam can do this with Steam Cloud or probably even without it. What makes you think it can’t be?

I think the best attitude is to remain open minded until you can find out the confirmed details from Valve themselves. Valve isn’t stupid, and they’re certainly going to run their software distribution differently than their game distribution.

Well, offering the Renoise Demo this way doesn’t sound bad.

Related update, Steam Greenlight (platform where indie developers can submit games to be voted on and sold on Steam) is now open to software.

Getting on steam would probably get many sales. Specially counting the fact that they are mostly distributing creativity software suitable for game development and such. It’s hard to find anything better suited for game music production than Renoise because of the great audio quality and open APIs and formats to create all kinds of data for dynamic music needed for proper games.

But they definitely would not accept the demo version, and otherwise it’s not going to be easy to get renoise in there.

Renoise Demo is still more than just a “demo” and some limitations aren’t even really valid for game-music producers (Like ReWire).
I’m still favoring for renaming the demo to free edition (or free to play to remain in Steam terms)

There are no free software in Steam store yet either. What steam cares is about making money. They definitely won’t start promoting Renoise demo without the possibility of purchasing it through Steam.

Does anyone from Steam read this forum or use Renoise?

They have a Linux beta for Ubuntu 12.04+ on the way.

i think a lot of sales would be made if renoise was the first audio software on steam… it has a gamer look and chiptunes were made in trackers which is another good selling point :P

Make a nice promotional video for the store page, good screenshots, a solid set of tutorials that are easy to find and you’ve got yourself thousands of new users.

You could have achievements :slight_smile:

Achievement Unlocked
First Breakcore Song