Steenrns Says Hello!


Who am i?
Im a trance/electronica producer from Norway.
24 years old and been making music for about ten years. Mostly trance ^_^
I thought this forum might provide some feedback that would help me improve. :)

Renoise of course :yeah:

Melodic trance ,dance and electronica.

Been a long time since i have been active on any forums.
I thought it was time to return ,since i never stopped creating trance.
During the past couple of years i have learned how much mastering and EQing
can do to a song. Its like a whole new world.

Im not exactly a mastering GOD yet ,but it improves for each new song/experience.
Would realy like some good advice on both mastering and EQ. :D

Current songs?
Here`s a link to a few of my new songs.

Norwegian website
The songs are listed on the right side.


Hope you like it! ;)

Would be deeply appreciated.
Propably people with a lot more experience than me out there ;)

welcome to the forums! i hope you enjoy your stay. :)

i can’t say too much about your music since it’s not the style of trance/techno i particularly enjoy. i think the mixing is alright, it definitely fits the purpose and it has that 90s vibe.
the only thing that bothered me a little bit is that you expect your listeners to navigate through a norwegian website. it’s not that i didn’t figure out where to click but for me it’s an unnecessary inconvenience and a bad first impression, especially when you’re talking to an international community.

sorry i couldn’t give you any proper feedback

Added soundcloud link :walkman: