Steinberg's ASIO multi-driver not in options dropdown

Hello -

This is in relation to Windows8.1 PC w/ ASIO4ALL v2

I’ve downloaded and installed Steinberg’s asio multiclient driver –

It’s a wrapper that enables multiple apps running concurrently access to a single ASIO device, in this case that device is ASIO4ALL

According to the documentation, you should be able to select the “ASIO Client” as the interface device on as many audio apps as you like. The wrapper then routes the separate streams through the single interface.

I can do this successfully with other apps, but not Renoise –

In the attached screenshot, you see the Steinberg app successfully identifying the scsynth.exe as a client.

Also in the screenshot is terminal output detailing my windows audio interfaces.

The entry:

  • ASIO : ASIO Client

should be selectable from Renoise but it’s not an option in Edit -> Perferences -> Audio -> Device dropdown

Any Ideas?