steinberg's voice machine generator

how to automate the note keyboard of that thing? the problem is that’s not a vsti, it’s vst filter. and the only way to get filter work it push the note keyboard with mouse… but it’s a pain, i need to automate note pushing somehow, and it seems there is no any CC to control pitch/gate. anyone got experience?

renoise doesn’t support this… vst’s can be “hybrids” of instruments and effects, and take both audio and note input like this one does. in renoise, there is a strict separation between the two. this is perhaps a feature that should be implemented, but I honestly don’t know how it would be done in a tracker like this. any ideas?

If this is possible I would rather see a way to route the entire track to a VST. Like you can choose which soundcard channel the track should be outputted to.

yeh, that should be in, because filters like voicemachine rocks, and it would be silly to ignore them. just make sending current note from a notecolumn if there is some attribute, dunno what exactly right now. but there will be many new possibilities for that if you ruin 0-f command number limitation, i guess it should be 0-z instead.

Or add another digit to the commands (aren’t they two digits now? 00-FF?) They could (easily?) be upped to three digits, 000-FFF instead. This seems more consistent to me.

The problem with using a pattern effect is that (correct me if I’m wrong) it affects the whole row.

In many cases with effects of this type you’ll want to send some audio at some note, and some MIDI data at some other note. Therefore a pattern effect command is unsuitable because it affects the whole row.


c-4 g-4 fff 000

(volume and pan columns are not shown).

If that was the command to send a note as MIDI to the VST, which note would it send? Both, presumably. But that may not be what is wanted.

What if I want to send some audio sample at note c-4, and also at the same time a MIDI g-4? It can’t be done with a pattern effect.

That’s why I still think it should be per note, in the same way as volume and pan columns.


c-4 – g-4 02 ----

(volume and pan columns are not shown).

This could mean, play c-4 using the current instruments, but send the g-4 MIDI note to track effect 02.


a fast hack would be that you send a note to an effect by typing fx in the pancolumn next to the note. x would be the no of the effect in the chain.


G-4 10 f1

would send note G-4 with volume 10 to effect 1

too hacky or acceptable ?

taktik: I personally think that’s fine at least for the time being, only problem would be in the case of having more than 16 VST effects on the channel… but surely that doesn’t happen too often…


I guess this is fine, since vsti’s can’t use the panning column nothing is lost, except using the note cut command simultanously. Remember to send the next noteoff to the same effect automatically. Only limitations I see now is as paul mentioned, and that you use the precious note columns of the same track which will be the audio source for the effect.