Step Brother 16 Demo Video


Just wanted to keep you updated on the slow but good progress of my hardware step-sequence controller for renoise, Step Brother 16. In this example the step buttons of the SB16 send midi CC messages (over USB -> SerialMidi -> MidiYoke) to my custom Renoise Tool. I also change sample/note on the SB16 keyboard, and those notes are added to a separate column.

Check it out here;

There is still lots of work to be done…


That thing looks awesome, nice work!

I love DIY electronics and i have made a few analog noise makers, square wave sequencers and stuff, but i haven’t made any digital electronics yet, i really want to try that some time. :)
I know close to nothing about programming though, so i guess i need to learn the basics.

Where did you get the LED switches, those look awesome? Probably a lot more expensive than my usual cheap ebay switches though.
I struggle to find cheap parts that is also of good quality…hmm maybe that’s why they’re cheap? :P



Get yourself an Arduino. It’s easy to set up and there are tons of tutorials and code to get you started. Sure, with no programming experience it can be a bit tricky, but there’s an extremely nice community there to help you out.

Yeah, buttons, knobs, casing, all that stuff is extremely expensive. Those buttons were the cheapest ones I could find that still were Roland TR-808:ish. $3.25 from mouser, and the led is included. And with a little drilling you can fit them on a standard 2,54 mm experiment board. Although I have to spray paint them to get the design i want :slight_smile:


Maybe i will when my economy is on an upward swing. :)
Got a lot of parts for analog electronics now though and i kinda work on some sort of bass pedal organ combined with guitar effects, but i would also like to have some percussion in there too for the complete one-man-band instrument, but i can’t figure out yet how to synthesize decent drum sounds with analog circuits so maybe i’ll have to make a similar sequencer to yours or just a simple sampler with loops.

you should design a cool enclosure, build a batch of ten, and sell them to us ! :yeah:

If you could be able to finish this and provide some instructions I’d be very interested in building one myself!

Thanks all!

Yeah, it is a DIY project. I aim at making everything as simple and standard:ish as i can, and I will provide schematics, source code, parts list etc.

Also, the hardware/arduino part sends and recieves midi, so it can be used with any DAW that can be extended like Renoise. I think Live has some scripting as well, right?


live has max ;)