Step Sequenser

It would be nice with a step sequenser for drum samples in Renoise. Not that it is necessarity, but would just be kool :D

I don’t see the use while this is already here.
you can set different samples in one instrument “drum kit”
then you place them on the tracks “step sequencer”

Jea, but i mean like a horizontal one - like Reasons Redrum step sequenser. I just like the feeling of it.

But as i said - its not a necessarity xD
(And your right - it would’nt affect anything …)

hahahaaaa :D yep

It’s unbelivable how much we hate the left-to-right-way :)

Dear Guest, new suggestions are always welcome, don’t worry.
But the step-sequencer as you describe it for drums has been integrated into MadTracker. So there has to be a sense behind your idea. The bad thing is that none really used it. You’ll hardly find an mt2 where the drum-seq. (which goes from left to right) has been used.
And at the end even Cubase-rs and Logic-ers consider the tracker patterns as very useful for drums.

And if you wonder why people (including me) are still talking about your idea though you said that it’s not too important…We just need something to talk about. :)

o my, your ~5th post, and these kind of reply.
We’re not mad at you or anything ;)

instead, welcome here, enjoy your visits.