Stereo 2 Mono

coul anyone explain to my how it works mathematicaly

because when i make sound from stereo to mono
result becomes not a chanel sum but leav only source one chanel on both stereo chanels
another chanel just disapiers

I don’t know it mathematicaly but when you’re making stereo to mono in coolpro2 for example you might choose if you want mono signal be only left of stereo, only right or both stereo channels mixed in certain ratio. What tool are you using to make signal mono?

i am talking about renoise integrated stereoexpander effect

The stereoexpander effect does not really monaurize your sample.
Either convert the sample to mono in the sample editor using the sample properties (F11 or click the icon on the lowerleft on the bar) or if you have to pick a certain channel (left or right) pan your track to that side and then perform a “render to sample” action and convert that new sample to mono.

its a bit problem because
i mainly use vsti long playing diferent patterns
so its a bit not a ellegant to render verything to sample


or not fully make mono

i think renoise must have real effect which
simply redistribute your chanels like cooledit has

sorry bad english

try dfx monomaker :