Stereo Inverted With Kx Asio?

Man, i just noticed the left/right are inverted here. Using Renoise 1.5 and a SBLive! with the latest kx ASIO drivers.

It’s only ASIO or renoise really. Winamp and such are playing back correctly and the speaker test from kx seems right as well.

Anybody had this issue before?

edit: i figured out that the panning behaves correctly when you set your renoise channel to (ASIO) channel 1 instead of leaving it at the default value (where it displays an M). That way it uses Channels 3+4 instead of 1+2. Unfortunately effects on the master track have no effect anymore with this method.

edit again: forget about it. I though it works, but it doesn’t. doh.

Any kx experts around?

edit nr. 3: switched back to “Wuschel’s ASIO 4 All”. Now i have 32 ms latency instead of 20, but the panning is correct.

edit nr.4:
i think you can fix that stuff in the kx DSP routing window. But honestly i don’t really understand it. I found a website that kinda explains it though (but i am too lazy read all through right now)
kx explained

The two crossed connections from FXBus to xrouting did the trick ;)