I’m looking for this function in Renoise. In Pro Tools you can do this, in the mixer view, by simply drag the panning sliders from <100 100> to for example <75 75>. In Renoise I can only find one slider though, which is only good for tracks which are in mono…

Know what I mean? :)

there is a “stereo expander” DSP in Renoise: putting its slider on the full left should give you the mono effect

I don’t want it full mono. Anyway, the problem is that this DSP uses another way of calculating. If I want a stereo instrument for instance at 40 left and 40 right (as two panning sliders would have made it for me), I have no clue how to get that effect with the DSP.

then you should use two send tracks on which the pan levels should be set:

S01 > keep source > pan left
S02 > mute source > pan right

Can also be achieved using one send track. The original track can be used for one of the pannings (for example left), send track for the opposite panning.

I guess those are just methods for making a mono track to stereo - My way to do this is just to copy the track information to a new track, with various modifications of course. But since this track is already in stereo, methods like this will only causing it to sound more stereo; like 50 L and 50 R + [PLUS] for instance 40 L and 40 R. Like a stereo expander I guess. I might be wrong, but it doesn’t sound as I want it to. Perhaps I’ve been unclear, but I don’t know how to explain in other words. Thanks for trying to help me anyway!

According to your latest post I assume that you mean you want to modify a full stereo track to something MORE mono (for example 40/40 from 80/80) while being able to treat left and right channels separately?

I don’t think so: with your method, the original track will be panned to the left, and then the left-panned signal will be sent to another track and panned to the right.

with my method, both send tracks will receive a center-panned signal and pan it to left and right each.

Chris, I think mine is the right solution.

Not if the send device is placed before the gainer (used for panning) and the source is kept. Original track’s chain should look like this:

[chain] > Send device (keep source) > Pan to left

and send track pans to the right.

ok, I though you wanted to use the general “Panning” parameter built-in the track. Using a post-send-gainer would eliminate the need for a second send track