"stereo" Xi Conversion?

I’ve got a question for some of you old FT2ers… i’ve got a whole bunch of “stereo” .XI instruments that use 2 samples played at the same pitch with different notes on the keyboard to acheive stereo sound… and I was wondering if there’s ANY easy way to convert these to actual stereo samples in Renoise??? I’ve managed to create 2 separate stereo samples that have the respective samples in the proper channels, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to mix samples in Renoise. Can someone let me know of this is possible, or if there’s another way of accomplishing this please?

Hmm. As the “mapping” is usually done by the user, Renoise would not be able to “see” which sample is left and right on the instrument.

So, I guess doing it by hand is the only solution

I don’t care if I have to do it by hand, I’d just like to know HOW to do it by hand …in Renoise preferably…I don’t want to have to export the samples to some other program

Okay, I got you wrong…

I think “pasting” in another channel is also not included, now…

Hmmz, might “render selection to sample” be a solution?
You map the samples to two keys, then you insert both notes in the pattern editor, you can either use two tracks or just two note-columns in one track and use the panning column to split them, then select that range from the two notes to whatever length you want to have and then hit CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-R and your selection is rendered as stereo sample to a sampleslot.

(or right click and select it)

Heh… I’d have to have a licensed copy to do that :rolleyes:
(I will be getting one soon… just need to amass some more $)
Any more ideas?

edit: Ewps, forget that last quote…
I was sure render to sample supposed to work…

But i probably unawarely tested this with a registered copy instead of the demo <_<

I would assume that they disabled that function in the demo so that people couldn’t simply select their entire track and render to sample ;)

Well, this is pretty useless as you can only render what’s selected within the current pattern, and if you would have sounds that transfer between two patterns you would never be able to seemlessly glue those renderings together in a sample editor.
Unless you like to produce choppy sounding music.

But another suggestion that might work is to have a wave editor run in the background and record the audio from your audio card, if the driver of your audio card supports it (recording device is usually “mix” or “multi” in that case)
Then there might be several free VST plugins that do wave recording to disk.
I usually don’t recommend them as when you would use those for full song rendering, your song may end up choppy as well (to be honest they are pretty useless for song-rendering even if the audio doesn’t sound choppy during play-mode, i got choppy wave-samples anyway due to disk-quirks while rendering), but for rendering one track playing a couple of samples this might work.

Toby bear has Channelgrabber and Voxengo has VoxengoRecorder.

heh… I might as well just export the samples and mix them in cool edit then… I was kinda hoping to just be able to do it in renoise

If those work, you can do this within Renoise.

I don’t understand… what do you mean? Cool Edit Pro has the ability to “mix paste” channels… which is how i would merge the two wavs… Renoise seemingly can’t do this… also, Cool Edit Pro allows me to edit single channels at a time… yet again, something Renoise’s sample editor won’t allow me to do… so I don’t see how my ability to do something in CEP affects my ability to do it within Renoise… and as for those plugins, I’ve tried loading channelgrabber into an unlicensed copy of Renoise, and it simply won’t load up… yet another demo version security feature I would assume. As such, I’m assuming the other one probably doesn’t load either. I’ll try it though.