Steve Reich - Piano Phase (jeeruff renoise phrase etude)

Hi there,

jeeruff on SoundCloud

I presumed this wonderful piece and renoise phrases are made for each other.
The process of making was not sofisticated:

  1. make the phrases
  2. duplicate it with highest resolution
  3. make the second phrase 1 line shorter
  4. enjoy the phase bug (which is a feature)

renoise source

Software used:
Pianoteq sampled in renoise

Macbook Air 11" (becuase of renoise I decided not to get new shiny MBPro and constrain myself and happy about this decision)
Sennhiser HD650


Very slick. I will be examining the much-appreciated xrns.

A similar effect can be done using the glide fx

This is such a good piece! Thoroughly enjoying it. I’m about to start listening to it for the 4th time in a row. Those little escalations where things start running over each other are so much fun. Really digging those.

Well done! And if you have more of these, please share. I’d love to hear them.

Edit: typo fix.

Very cool!!