Stig Dagerman's Black Horse Pontiac

“Stig Dagerman’s black horse Pontiac” - constructive criticism please! :)…e%2BPontiac.mp3

and if someone could help me put a genre on this so i make a clearer pitch?? thanks!

This is nice, really nice.
I don’t really want to try and find criticism, so i won’t.

Also, your drawings are rad.
Don’t know why i haven’t noticed your stuff on here before.

You want constructive criticsm?

Don’t link to MySpace, EVER!

niall > thanks :)

u can download some songs here -…

Brutal… :P

couldn’t find that song on your myspace. nice other stuff man :) I was expecting totally diff. music


haha, folktronic seems about right :) what would you say “Stig Dagerman’s…” is? - it’s downloadable here:…e%2BPontiac.mp3

prei26, what were u expectin? :)

Has really dubby feel to it…Dare I label it IDM…This is just good music man really great track …Im actually stunned considering the songs on your myspace. If you can reproduce this particular sound spanning an entire album you have a winning sound on your hands. Keep it up and pass that joint :)

finally heard the song this is about. It’s still not showing up on yr myspace. really nice sounds man! And nice electronic gurgles and melodic phrases.

I personally think the drums are a bit sparce. Not too fond of the slight IDM-style of mixing the drums up. My favorite bits are when the drums go straight. And on first listen I thought the beginning looped a bit too much.

I was expecting ironic chiptune/breakcore with a title like that :)