Still problems with overload if vstis come in


I recently switched back to Renoise 32bit on OSX since I had a lot of performance problems caused by the overhead of the 32bit->64bit bridge (not all plugins I use have 64bit versions) and the performance is a lot better using 32bit.

But I have still problems with projects where high quality generators are used. Usually Renoise starts to stutter for some seconds if a new generator starts to play. After some seconds, Renoise seems to stabilize the sitatuation and the stuttering goes away even with all generators playing.

I already disabled auto suspend for all plugins, which seems to help just a bit. Is there another way I could stabilize the playback? Could this be a problem in Renoise that could be improved by the devs?

If a generator supports multicore usage by itself, I should disable Renoise multicore option, right?

I also came to the limit where increasing buffer time doesn’t seem to help for anything. I am now working with ~40ms, which is horrible for live input.