Stop all audio on a single channel...

Hi everyone!

I’m a chiptune artist who is fluent in LSDj and Famitracker. I had some trouble migrating to Ableton, so I made the jump to Renoise and it feels right at home… with the exception of one thing: post-FX audio control.

In Ableton, I’m used to automating the speaker on the mixer to turn off and on a specific channel’s volume output, but on Renoise, neither the OFF note, placing the C command, or 00 in the volume column stops any post-fx audio.

Is there something I’m overlooking in the effects list?



Yeah, the post gainer is not automatable. If it was, I guess that would be similar to the Ableton approach.

But, depending on what you need, you could either use the 0X command (Stop all Notes and FX), or add a Gainer at the end of your DSP chain and automate it with FX commands.