Stop All (ff00) And Distortion

Is there a way to STOP ALL(or selected) VSTI’s from playing, similar to effect FF00 for native Renoise-Instruments/effects? I think it needs to be supported by the VSTI itself rather than Renoise, thats why i am asking. Something like changing the instrument of the VSTi resets it, but its a crappy solution.

That would be most appreciated if there is a solution!

And by the way, the native FF00 command for Renoise-Instruments creates a VEEEERY ugly Clip/Peak-Distortion! Render it as a Sample and zoom in where you used the FF00 command if you can’t hear it. (hm, then you must be almost deaf and it doesn’t matter then :) )

er… C00 on master track? :blink:

Good idea! :) But i ment something else:

Let’s say you have a VSTi, which comes with a 20 sec long reverb and a long delay. For a break in your music you want to mute that voice (yes, with c00) AND clear the long reverb/delay effectbuffer, so when you turn the volume on again its totally quite (nothing of the old reverb or delay left). I know i could render it as a .wav file and play around with it but i wonder if there is another solution.

to stop just the reverb you should put the reverb in a send track and bypass the send device for that track.

I don’t think there is an easy solution for what you need

Taht or just turning off the reverb effect with the ff00 command in combo of the 0c00 command.

hm, is there a command to use the ‘panic button’? but that would get your beat out of timing i guess?

No: you can’t panic the song via tracking command, and
yes: the results would be unpredictable