Stop All Track Effects And Notes

Is it possible to stop delay and / or reverb effect I have in VST instrument to continue playing even I put OFF and FF00 command? Why that command does not affect VST instruments?

Is there any way I can stop any sound from VST instrument from continuing play? Currently, the only way of stopping reverb effect is to - remove it from VST instrument and add reverb from Renoise native effects…?

I’m not sure if I’ve got you right, anyway putting a 0C00 on a track sets the track volume to zero, assuring that no volume from that track will be heard.

Delay and reverb effects are post-buffered effects which continue to operate until the buffer has been played, so it is absolutely normal that they stil produce sound after the note has been cut; the viceversa would be worse

Well yes… Thank you. I can use 0C00 command! It should solve some problems, sound yes :) All best!