ok perhaps this is going to sound as another stupid question I guess…

is there a STOP command in renoise ?
my song keeps looping over the last pattern if I select it or over the whole song if I don’t select any patterns…


you can always add a “F100” in some track’s effect column, in order to halt playback of your song.

Thanks, does the job


:panic: hue ? stop the song with a hammer :eek:

You can indeed stop the song with a Hammer. This would actually be an entire system halt though.

F100 will work, as well.

It is up to you

okaaaay …
since F100 works well i’ll use that for the moment
but i’ll put the hammer beside my laptop just in case of a bug !


Another way is just an empty looping pattern at the end.

Well it would be possible that you get a couple of other questions from me.
I’ve just bought a license, now i’m an official user :)


wow there s some MC Hammer fans here! U can’t touch this is the first CD i bought in my life!

haha… it worked for me… made my friday morning :D