Stopping Clicks On Sample Offs...

Can it be done? I have a break that I want to stop using a note off at a certain point, but there is a click at the end… The envelope and fadeout are too slow! Is there a way I can set a release time of a few ms?


why don’t you just put volume to zero?

sample volume down (07xx) would also help

Thanks but that doesn’t help…

If I put the volume to zero I still get the click. I’m using sample offsets on the break, and the note off results in a click because the break is not silent at that point (you can just hear the slight click of the beginning of the next transient).

Am I missing something?

edit: that is a bit better…

Does the 07xx command fade if you go from full to zero volume in one step?

I was really after a fadeout of a few ms…

If you have a click because the sample has a beat on the moment you initialise your volume fade, why don’t you try using the envelope in the instrument volume envelope with a sustain node a few ticks before you start to ramp the fade down.
(i mean, using a decay on the same strength as the full volume and then ramp it down)
I don’t think there is any other solution if you need one that is in between two rows on tick level.
Is it a Renoise Instrument or a VST sampler?

Thanks vvoois, your workaround is helpful :)

I’m using a RNI by the way. As you say, what I really want to do is have a release value that is less than 1 tick or one step… There is a ‘fadeout’ feature but it is too slow as well. Would a tiny release setting be possible to add to Renoise, or is it not possible with the current tick based system? I think it would be quite nice if sample offset notes could have attack and release fades based in ms to avoid clicks. Still, I’m not complaining :guitar:

to overcome the 1-tick limit, you could try to increase the BPM, if possible.

About ms-based attack and released, in a tick-based engine that would be BPM-dependent

I know everyone where thinks Renoise is the best tracker on planet earth, but can anyone tell me what is the second best? I’m interested in using trackers but the tick/bpm/speed issues in Renoise make it unusable for me. Is there another good tracker that doesn’t have these issues?


maybe you could give a try to open ModPlug or madtracker.

however, BPM and Ticks are the basement of every tracker.