Stopping Renoise From Scanning Vst On Launch

is there anyway to do this ?

since i have some heavy vst renoise is taking longer & longer to load with the scanning VST process, i’d just like to stop it and make it on demand (means i click on it).

yes, this is bugging me aswell lately. Though, once renoise is loaded for the first time after booting the computer -> additional closing & opening happens much faster.

the first time you launch renoise it does spend a lot of time on the Searching VST phase, it seems to me as if for the first launch renoise skips the vst cache file and scan the whole directory…

once it has been launched once renoise seems to do the vst searching phase pretty fast.

me thinks there is a little bug somewhere ?

The skipping of new vst scanning (via command line key) is already suggested. Soon or later this highly complicated feature will be implemented :)

You got a special channel with the big chief? or you got access to his CVS and doing it yourself? :P

No, I’ll just blackmail him, I know too much about upcoming release :)

I think this will get you just as far as any other registered user that for instance shares their copy on the p2p networks: Skip the beta’s and the final for a Major version :P

i defrag every day, it’s on auto :P

The next version will fix this, by no longer trying to instantiate plugs which once failed to instantiate. And yes, you can still reload them if you really want/need to.