store audio device settings

Is there a way to store the audio device settings via a script?

When I restart Renoise using the build in audio, and then afterwards reconnect the audio interface, my routing settings are forgotten, meaning I have to reselect the In/ Out device, re-route specific channels to the interface and so on. Is it possible to modify the settings so that whenever the audio interface is connected, specific routings automatically apply?

You mean, instrument / track routings and such?

You can set things up the way you like, and then go into Files > Save as template. The next you start, the setting should be the same.

Danoise - thanks for your reply.

I’m using the “Save as Template” function. The audio device settings still get overwritten when I start Renoise without the RME UFX connected. Once I reconnect the audio interface, I need to manually reconfigure Audio In/ Out Device and the individual track routings. It’s rather cumbersome for complex routings, and not a good solution for pressure moments…

I wrote a tool to solve (I think) the same problem.

I was working on songs on different machines at different times, and things were not consistent across all of them. For example, the names of available midi or audio devices would vary.

My tool looks for a file based on the name of the loaded song and if found it executes a user-provided script. The script can then do whatever is possible using the Renoise Lua API. (I had it set up MIDI out for some tracks). This way I could have machine-specific configuration for my songs.

I don’t know how user-friendly it is. I wrote it for myself to solve a problem and left it at “Works For Me.”

But I think the README should be good enough to get you going if you think it would help you.

Or ping me for help.