Store Samples Outside Of Project File; Store File On Crash


I am writing to request that there be an option to to store sampled instruments in xrni files external to the project file, but inside the folder where the project file currently is: Logic does this, and it’s a far better way to handle storing samples as far as I’m concerned (modular vs monolithic). One can save multiple versions of a project that uses many samples without having to store duplicate instances of the samples for every version of the project file. I’m asking for this because it’s unnecessary and makes a project unnecessarily bloated in size and monolithic if anyone uses any amount of long samples. I just lost about two hours worth of tweaking because of my own stupid mistake for not saving while tweaking a complex sidechained signal path. However, I would have saved much more frequently if I knew that Renoise wasn’t going to spend a good 30+ seconds trying to save a 50MB sampled instrument that HAS NOT EVEN CHANGED!! If the two were saved in separate files (or if there was some sort of diff algorithm), Renoise wouldn’t wastefully attempt to save every single sampled instrument every time the project is saved.

Additionally, last version, I remember that Renoise used to save a copy of the project in its current state when it crashed. However, it does not do this anymore–as a result, if I’m tweaking a complex signal path with signal followers and hydras, the project may crash without me getting a chance to save.

It’s really a shame that these little bugs prevent me from being able to use Renoise with large sampled instruments, because Renoise has been my favorite DAW for a while. If these few things were remedied, I don’t think I’d have any complaints. If anyone can suggest any workarounds to me, I’d be glad to hear them–but, for now, this is really frustrating. What was I supposed to do in that situation? Stop writing music every few minutes to wait for the inefficient way that Renoise saves audio samples to catch up with me? That would have completely interrupted my creative flow. Yet, saving infrequently is a dangerous way to work, and is not part of the way I usually work. However, I cannot save frequently if I am using a large sampled instrument. Please remedy this – I’m not asking for the default way Renoise stores sampled instruments to be changed, necessarily–just that there be an option for storing samples/sampled instruments outside of project files.



i get your point. even though i myself do not often work with big Renoise-files that take a long time to save, and also my workflow seems a lot different from yours (i already incorporated manual saving in mine). i have always found it a bit strange that Renoise needs to save each file, whether changed or not, again. it might be part of the xrns structure or something.

your idea for saving instruments separate of the rest of the project file does take away some of the mobility appeal of the xrns format. it will be harder to just say ‘here’s the xrns-file, see what you think’. but, making a thing like this optional would of course open up both possibilities.

i also have to note that there has been lots of discussion already about the xrns format, and suggestions made on how to change it. i believe a re-write of this format is somewhere on the todo-list (from what i’ve gathered), so they might address this problem in some way.