Straight Outta Compton Ditty

Anyone have an amen sample? Not the infamous break, but a preacher saying amen nice and loud?

You will hear where I am going to stick it right in the beginning on one of the first blocks. The amen sample I managed to find on the net is just horrific.

I was thinking of the mighty amen, as I often do, and thought of “Straight Outta Compton” by NWA and figured why not throw that beat into something.

Beginning makes no sense in this. Kinda thrown together and then I start playing with a drum pattern around 1:00.

How is the mood so far?…raightOutta.mp3

Here is mindbender again, now a little faster and refined a little bit more. Still needs a lot of work -…0Mindbender.mp3

Here is a little chiptune sounding song I started - gotta figure out what to do next. Mind is blank -…0-%20NESAss.mp3

Here is a song I didn’t do, but it’s great anyhow - figured I would throw it in for good measure -…lushalodmix.mp3

You bastard! I was totaly going to do a screwed up nwa song! Oh well. Anyways- I like it alot! You should cut up some of the lyricism into that broken beat, that would make it f****ing dope!

I’m working on something along the lines of what you are doing, except I am doing a breakcore/drum and bass version of a Kurupt song…

I plan on finishing it sometime in the next two weeks- it’ll be my first complete renoise track.

Oh yeah- I think you can find a good amen sample from Dr.Dre’s “the chronic”- I think it’s on a dialogue intro or in a skit, preacher screams it.

i like the mindbender :) others are cool to… only i think that there are too much harsh distortion in the straigh outta comptons second half.

Thank you very much for the recommendation. I have been playing the song in my head the past couple of days trying to figure out which lyrics I will include.

I might grab bits from various NWA songs from the same album and whatever else I can find from Easy E, DRE, etc collection.

BTW GREAT suggestion. I know the exact “Amen” sample you are talking about from Chronic. Sounds like it is sung. I wish I still had that album. I think the cd was tossed a while ago.

That is a great starting point. I will try and get a hold of that sample. Thank you very much for the recommendation. Cannot believe I didn’t think of that one. Also nice that it is from a DRE album too since it will work well with the theme.

My vacation starts tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to refine these tracks and finish/start a bunch more.

Kurupt is a great choice. I have a mystical track that I started playing around with some weeks ago, but it’s so tough to loop the beats for some reason.

trackit - I will take another listen to the Straight Outta Compton track and evaluate whether I will leave all of that distortion.

I need some proper monitors.

As a side note - Anyone know of affordable headphones that can be used as substitute for studio monitors? I know it would not be as good to use, but anything that reproduces the sound accurately without adding too much?

for studio monitors, i use my monitors, and my headphones, and my car stereo, and my boombox, and some crap headphones, and some cheapo computer speakers… listen to my mix on all of the aforementioned, get an idea of how it sounds on each one, and then adjust my mix accordingly until it sounds good on all of them :)

for headphones, i love my sennheiser hd-590, but i don’t know if they colour the sound … i have heard so many people recommend against using headphones as monitors

“I know the exact “Amen” sample you are talking about from Chronic. Sounds like it is sung. I wish I still had that album. I think the cd was tossed a while ago.”

:o SINNER!!!

J/K… how could you throw away the CHRONIC man? That one should be in the 10 commandments- “thou shalt not throw away Dr. Dre’s ‘the chronic’, or thou will pay seven fold in form of eternaly hearing Ricky Martin’s ‘Livin La Vida Loca’ whilst burning in Hell!”


For headphones I would go with a good pair of Audiotechnicas. I have used them for mixing for about two or three years when I can’t have the volume up too loud- I get a perfect translation every time, and the bottom end representation is really good as well- sometime’s I hate them because I can hear flaws I didn’t notice before and I HAVE to fix it cause I know they are acurate- kinda like my b studio monitors. I got mine for like $70. I pretty much use them for leveling and eq’ing and all that good stuff, but I get alot of problems when trying to set reverbs using them.