Strange Automation Issue

I was adding some automation to a TAL Noisemaker VST Synth, just automating one dial but once I had finished all patterns before the automated pattern took on the value of the dial after automation had finished. To explain more fully:

I was altering OSC1 tuning, originally it was set to half. I automated to full which is where it finished. Afterwards it was set to full for the whole song except for the automated portion.

Is this supposed to happen? Why did it happen? What can I do to get the behaviour that I desire?

Automation has a “Look-Ahead” facility, so if you have some automation at some point in your song it will take the first value at the start of your song.

Or can you actually see the automation in the earlier patterns in the automation lane? I’m guessing it’s related to the above though. Best thing to do is set a start value for anything you later automate in the first (or at least an early) pattern.

As to why this was brought in… During the original Long Track collaboration project it was fine that automation would not be predicatable in places and this was the best fit resolve as far as I have understood. There is an option to turn it off in Preferences but I think it then wont pick up changes if you navigate past automation so it’s best left on and you learn to work around its few limitations.

Thanks for the speedy and informative explanation. Is there an easy way to get the hex value of a dial’s original position so I can specify the start value at the beginning of the song?

one way is to use the automation device, right click the slider of the parameter, it will write the automation in the pattern