Strange Behavior: Signal Follower / Hydra / Gainer


On Track 01, I have a sine tone that enters a Signal Follower every 4 lines and lasts for 1 line. That signal feeds Hydra’s Input inversely so as to cause the so-called ducking motion in the Gain parameter of a Gainer on Track 02 (which is curiously a bassline). If I set the lookahead parameter in the Signal Follower to 100 ms (which is the ducking effect micro timing I’m after), Hydra’s Input runs smoothly and in sync with the Signal Follower already on Track 01, but the Gain parameter in the Gainer on Track 02 (which should proportionally copy Hydra’s Input behavior) goes wild at times and starts getting randomly out of sync, acting very strangely. That only started to happen in this latest 3.1.0 version.

I was able to set that up quite uncompromisingly in older versions. But as soon as I try to recreate it in version 3.1.0, that Gain parameter seems to unlearn how to sync up with Hydra’s Input seamlessly.

6520 Tracks.png


Can you please attach a small .XRNS song which clearly demonstrates the behaviour you’re describing? That’d be the easiest way for us to test/replicate the problem.

In the meantime, have you considered using alternate methods to handle your ducking? For example, instead of using the Signal Follower, you can get very precise results from a Velocity Tracker or Key Tracker device linked to the reset parameter of a custom LFO, which then in turn shapes your Gainer, Filter, or whatever else.

Very simple example:
6522 dblue-2016-01-29-kick-bass-duck.xrns

I’ve already tried the combination Key Tracker + LFO (the problem being not being able to set the lookahead value). I would trigger the reset in the LFO through a keytracker which would then set the LFO in motion obeying a one-shot curve that would make the Gain go from -INF to 0dB in 4 lines every time a key was pressed or a note was triggered in the trigger track. The main issue was the audio click/pop at the very beginning of the notes that were ducked.

In short, what I want is the ducking to occur without the blemish of clicks and pops (that’s why the lookahead…).

Well, here goes the baby with two different groups presenting both approaches to the max of my little understanding:


If that should present no timing or glitch issues for you, I might be troubling the buffers in my system.

Very simple example:

I have listened to it. It’s exactly what I want, but if you set the level of the kick to zero and let only the ducked bass go, you will hear the little click at the beginning of the notes which exists more or less where the transient of the kick is, making it imperceptible when the kick is playing. I wanna get rid of that click (mainly because it shows when using creative delays over the ducked track).

<I might also be picking too hard on that little click, though. :badteeth: )