Strange behaviour with shift selection in pattern editor


There still seems to be some strange behaviour with [shift] selecting in Renoise 3.2.2 with the rightmost column(s).

  • When [shift] selecting (and right arrow)
  • more than 3 effect columns
    Renoise 3.2.2 - keyboard shift selection - selecting column with 3 effect columns strange behaviour

  • creating (a few) new effect columns after selection
    Renoise 3.2.2 - after keyboard shift selection - adding more than 3 effect columns strange behaviour

Less than in Renoise 3.2.1, still some unexpected selection behaviour is existant in Renoise 3.2.2 for now.

Thanq you tooktiktoqtaqtiq for all the continuous development. (Reminder: Renoise needs a future-usable version for when everything is dead, luckily Renoise is alive, I was able to register! I also still need to look into this myself, as I have to (keep-alive once half a year) all my project file downloads…)

Yours, sincerely,

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