Strange Click In Rendered Samples (With Pictures)


I have some pretty massive bass samples in Kontakt that I was rendering into Renoise instruments. I noticed that there’s a strange click that didn’t occur when I played them in Kontakt.
Here are some screen captures of the rendered samples. Note that the click doesn’t occur if I play the note in the pattern and use render for that.

Here is a picture of a sample that was rendered from the pattern.

If by plug-in grabber you mean “render plugin to new instrument”, then that’s what I used for the first three examples.

I tried a rhodes sample that’s close to a sine wave and it starts at a peak value, so it seems the beginning is indeed cut off. It would be surprising if this was a bug in Kontakt though?

Not really a bug but…
When I render the same plugin with different velocities, the grabber only creates a new (empty) instrument when opening the render window. Because you can’t focus the main window, you actually have to close the render window and open a new one. Would make sense to me to create a new instrument after rendering too :).