Strange Midi Problem

Im having an issue with Renoise Midi out to my new modular. Everything works great… down to note C-4, anything below it plays in increasingly higher octaves.

For example:

C-4 is correct
B-3 plays as B-6
B-2 plays as B-7
B-1 plasys as B-8

and so on.

I tried changing the basenote of the instrument, but it just moves around where the strange behavior starts at, and never actually lets me get to the lower octaves.

This behavior doesn’t seem to occur in Buzz (using Zaphod’s midi tracker), which was the only other sequencer package I had handy. I could try using the FL Studio demo or something to see. It also doesn’t happen using the MIDI out from my Kawai K5000’s keyboard.

Is this a bug, or is there something simple I’m overlooking here?

EDIT: I should also mention that my other outboard gear (Nord Modular, Kawai K5k), responds fine to Renoise’s MIDI out.


So the hardware ( works fine with other midi out applications, but plays backwards with Renoise?

Yes, it works fine with midi out of Buzz or with midi out of my Kawai Keyboard, but not with midi out of Renoise. And only with notes lower than C-4 in Renoise.

WERY strange behaviour!
I have Nord Lead 3, and it works fine with Renoise (except some synchro bugs with ASIO but as i understand - it’s normally for Renoise)

Anyway: octaves and notes transmitting correctly here.

I should think it probably has to do with the synth being analogue.
they can pull off weird things if you go out of it’s octave range.
newer digital synths will just stop making a sound if you go off.

then again, If you don’t have this effects with other applications
and you didn’t change anything in your setup,
it should be Renoise handeling the midi octaves differently.

but since there is no problem with digital synths, I think maybe the awnser lies in further testing with the octave scale in renoise.