Strange New Instrumental

I’m loving this song, but it really needs percussions!


I wouldn’t have thought of percussion on that… interesting. What type of kit? That could be quite interesting…

EDIT: I can think of some possible orchestral percussion ideas, but I’m not sure if that’s what you were thinking.

I re-uploaded the song with more bass in the strings–it contained almost no bass before (using tiny speakers, didn’t know)…

both rock and orchestral ones could fit into this; I would use both (give a listen to my latest song here, on which I use them). The rock ones would fit best on the most intense parts like between 1’ and 1’30", but of course this would need a complete new arrangment

yer thats nice man ey, sweet feel.
defnitly would go great with percussion even sum orchestrals and a little spaced steel and stuff.


Wow–Thanks It-Alien. Serious. Your suggestion has made this song MUCH better than it was. Thank you thank you thank you! :)

Try the link now, it should be the new version.

indeed this is much better! The drum lines are very similar to how I would have made them, though you put less variations in it. One suggestion: in the parts where the drum line is prevalent (ranging from 1’04" to 1’14", for example), would be interesting to add another open hi-hat hit after the two ones in the second measure (in the example: at 1’08").

in general, as i said before, this song would benefit from a different (i.e.: longer) arrangment, but of course it is just me loving long songs :)

Sounds like Wendy Carlos.