Strange numpad behaviour

Hi there,

I encountered a strange numpad behaviour under renoise today.

I am on win8. In standart situations, (e.g. text editor) I can swap Positional/Numpad behaviour with the Numkey on the numpad. In renoise, though, all events from the numpad are treated like number-events, so they target the instrument selection box (in standart keybinding), regardless the status of the Numkey.

Anyone else with this kind of problem?

Was that behavior ever different?

Usually, in “position-mode”, my “Numpad 7” is the “Home” key and “Numpad 1” is the “End” key, so, for example, when I am in pattern mode, I have set the action “Jump to first row” to “Home” and “Jump to last row” to “End”.

In renoise, I somehow cannot acces the “Home” and “End” key, so I cannot jump around in the pattern editor with them.

To be honest, i cannot recall, if that was ever different. I was just considering this strange, because the position mode of the numpad works in every other programs as expected.

I’ll just give it a try under linux, to see, if it is there any different.

EDIT: Nah, it’s the same under linux. Very strange, it never occured to me before, as it seems. Am I the only one who consider this strange? This renders, on a laptop without extra “home/end” buttons, a lot of (already predefined) shortcuts useless. Alas, to be honest, it occured to me during the process of mapping everything to more emacs like shortcuts :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT2: Found out, why it never felt strange before. My old laptop’s keyboard had extra “home/end” buttons.