[stressed user] Reverse Sample Function

just a little somethin somethin I miss from a few other programs I use for audio editting…

useful button to have; instant reversal of sample selection in sample editor

edit: err, title should be sample editor…
i’m losing/confusing words alot lately…too much stress >_<

Try make a selection and press ctrl+r ^^

Well if the sample is too long to achieve this with the 09xx commands and the bx reverse command in the pattern editor i can understand this.
But if it is short enough, you at least save diskspace by using the play sample reversed command.

thanks for changing the title =)

the words “under”, “the” and “hammer” come to mind…

I was actually a little surprised thinking this had been excluded. did not look closely enough at the context menu for sample selection to see the extender-box thingie on process =)
(prior to audio-in I did most chopping type stuff in another program, so never noticed this…)
the pattern commands would not work in the situation I am using it for unless i render to sample anyway - removing the benefit of saving disk space; as the reversal will start/end at points not correlating with the startpoints of the lines…

Thus, means: the sample is not short enough to be sliced into 256 usable snippets by the 9xx command.

precisely! …which is why i editted that particular sample as a waveform only =)

Also, for simple things that are easy enough to see in the waveform, being able to do it as a sample editting function keeps it simple-stupid.

Had I noticed this function a few years ago, I probably would have done alot more sample editting in renoise…