Strife Of Love In A Dream - Yotipo

I made this awhile ago. I would have liked to lessen the kick before I finalized but, if anyone has any constructive criticism, I would appreciate it :)

This song is interesting, its electronica like i never heard before :D
U are right about the bassdrum is a little too loud(in the beginning i notice a little but after that, not so much, but i don’t have good bass speakers so dont take my advice on that… ;) )

Only i have to tell u, this isnt drum n bass music. It isnt much like that at all or maybe deep wobbling bass sound if you really want to find something dnb in here and that is it…But with some imagination this could be breakbeat/electro maybe…btw that trance lead coming in sounds a little hars to my ears, might want to filter that…

The song sounds pretty much original, liked that piano sound but then it never came back… i guess u havnt been producing too long but that is promising…keep going like that :D