Stringy One ; Breakcore

New track. My first tune after maybe a couple of years hiatus from Renoise. started planning a kinda DnB thing while relearning what I’m doing and the plug-ins. Definitely turned more Breakcore but I like it! First time I’ve really done anything with loops rather than attempting to create my own beats.

Name comes from the synth used at the intro. A piece of freeware called String Theory. All synths and effects can be used for free, no expensive toys here.

Mixdown probably isn’t perfect, havn’t listened to this version of decent monitors but did some adjustments after evaluating and think it’s close. Seem to work on a few not so good systems anyway :)


The Drums were sick…really enjoyed the drums…that’s saying something as I don’t really enjoy breakcore…defo sounded proper…ending bit was a bit too noisy for me, however that is just my taste…wonder how it would sound in a club. :drummer:

Cheers for the comments.

Glad everybody likes the drums but I would say that’s more a props to the skill of KJ Sawka than my own. I felt I hadn’t really done enough with them throughout and that they still do with more variation really.

Ending was a bit rushed but kinda wanted to get something pretty much full length and seeming complete I could let people hear before starting something new (not that I actually have yet.) I would usually sit on it longer and tweak things more. Sure I’ll come back to it over time, had a couple of constructive points off people to think about.

Not really sure it is truly breakcore rather than roughneck/tearout jungle but with a lot of the stuff that kinda falls between breakcore and DnB it depends on who you talk to…